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Tour 1 - Sinaia - Bran - Brasov

tur1 Sinaia Bran Brasov Tours Bucharest half day
Giro2: Metà giorno Bucarest  
Tur 2: Bucuresti jum de zi  
Tour 1: Sinaia-Bran-Brasov Tour 2: Bucharest half day  

Sinaia – Bran – Brasov
A true journey- A very well-known side of Romania, but poorly showed to the tourists compared with the historical potential and sights that are here, especially in Sinaia, Bran and Brasov.

First stop from Bucharest is in Ploiesti City, at the Clock Museum, the only such museum in the Romanian territory. From here, the road continues to Sinaia, where we halt to Sinaia Monastery, built by Cantacuzino, monastery which, also, is giving the city’s name.

Then we get to Peles Park-Pelisor-Economat area, very impressed by the architecture of the entire complex. The Economat hotel complex exists in the old servants ‘rooms of the castle and the receptions and dining halls from our days are actually the old stables.

We first visit the Peles Castle, imposingly by his architecture and rich interior decorations, furniture and collectors. King Carol was a great collector, especially of arms and watches, and Queen Elizabeth, an art and books lover, under her pseudonym of Carmen Sylva wrote over 45 books in many languages, including German and Austrian.

Our visit continues with Pelisor Castel, intimate and cozy, also built in the German style and received as a gift by King Ferdinand and Queen Elizabeth, from their predecessors.

Astonished by the stories and the history, impressed by the landscape and the royal air feeling today, after more than a century, we head to Bran Castel, perched on a rock, where from it is watching over the entire valley. After this visit, as special as the one from Sinaia, we headed to a picturesque guesthouse, which will offer us an exceptional traditional dinner, with local cuisine products from Rucar-Bran-Moeciu area.

The second day trip sunrise watched it from The Rasnov Stronghold. The old fortress, built by the Teutonic Knights in the thirteenth century, is one of the best preserved in Transylvania.

And then our journey continues through the forest where Rasnov Rally takes place next to Poiana Brasov( Brasov Meadow),there where the first ski runs from Romania are. The firs ski competition was held in 1906. Currently Poiana Brasov is a luxury resort, which includes 12 slope runs. From Poiana Brasov we descend to Brasov and we stop for pictures at Belvedere, the place where from the entire city can be seen.

Then we descend into the town and start pedestrian tour with Rope Street, the narrowest street in Romania and one of the tightest in Europe (1,3 m). Then we go to the Black Church, the symbol of the city, to see the impressive interior, the organ with over 4000 pipes and 6 tons bells. It’s the largest monument of Gothic architecture in Romania. From here we take the Square and the Republic Avenue, to admire the old houses, with their balconies, statues, columns or their exceptional architecture.

Another important objective in Brasov is the first Romanian school, where we can see “Anton Pana” classroom, with the old wooden benches, the tablets once was written or a counter a few hundred years old, the ancestor of our computer today. The first Romanian school also has an impressive book collection ,religious objects, icons, paintings and inestimable historical value objects as one of the 4 samples of the Romanian Bible or Russian Bible, documents which until recently stood hidden in the St Nicholas Church steeple.

The Brasov city tour continues with a walk around the old city walls, we can also visit the old defense towers, now places of sightseeing, and the place where we can end our stroll, in an exceptional sunset is the Citadel of Brasov (The Old Town Hall).

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